Meet Founder & CEO Danette Blanco​

Meet Danette Blanco, Founder & CEO of CELL THEORY: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine. Danette’s vision is to evolve the field of medicine into a religion that is human-centered, evidence-based, and backed by extensive research & science. Her mission is to redefine modern day medicine by combining traditional medicine with complementary /alternative medicine and revolutionize standard of care from a “Universal One-Size-Fits-All Approach” to precision medicine, which targets treatment for each patient’s unique medical needs based on their cellular, biochemical, molecular, and genetic requirements & demands. The only way to make her dream into a reality was to step out of her comfort zone…and that was where CELL THEORY was born!

Danette Blanco, DrMSc, PA has a comprehensive background in science and medicine. Her undergraduate studies involved a double major in biology and chemistry, research in comparative immunology with an emphasis on the role of angiogenesis in auto-immune disorders. She completed a masters degree in medical science where her research targeted peptides, along with completing a medical PA program. During this time Danette also worked in the ICU as a Registered Respiratory Therapy Clinician. Once the medical program was complete, she attained a PA residency in Plastic Surgery and a fellowship in Dermatology. This, however, was not enough and she went on to complete her doctorate in molecular medicine. She has worked in clinical research with a concentration on “Thymosin Alpha I as an Immune Modulator & Chemo Adjunct in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma” (Case Study) and “The Regenerative Effect of Pleiotropic Penta-decapeptide BPC-157 on Tissue Repair Encompasses Cellular Repair via Distinct Signaling & Molecular Pathways.”

Currently, Danette Blanco, DrMSc, PA, specializes in integrative medicine, which encompasses conventional (western medicine) with complementary & alternative Medicine (CAM). With her extensive knowledge in molecular medicine, years of research and education, and overall experience in both the scientific and medical community, Danette is considered a multidisciplinary Medical/Science-based Specialist and Healthcare Provider.

Danette Blanco, DrMSc, PA, has received many awards and certifications including ACLS, PALS, BLS, & Mental Health First Aid, Injectables, PDO Threads, O-shot, P-shot, Lasers, Sexual Wellness, Bio-identical HRT, Regenerative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Weight loss management & Aesthetic Medicine. She is part of various professional affiliations including American Association of Facial Aesthetics (AAFE), International Association of Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM), Society of Dermatology Physician Associates, Fellow (SDPA), Clinical Peptide Society (CPS), International Peptide Society (IPS), Seeds Scientific Research & Performance (SSRP), Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG), and the Florida Board of Medicine.

Danette’s Goal with CELL THEORY is to “Examine Individual Elements and Distinctions via Molecular & Cellular Profiles using Genetic & Specialty Testing Integrated with Labs and Diagnostic Testing as needed, Allowing Us the Ability to Identify and/or Prevent Disease States & Formulate Targeted Treatment and Interventions to Improve Quality of Life, Decrease Mortality & Morbidity, Enhance Vital Components of Health and Overall Well Being, Slow the Cellular Aging Process, and Ultimately, Prolong Life”.

Mission Statement

You are unparalleled.

At Cell Theory we are committed to providing healthcare tailored to your specific & unique needs.

We take a cellular approach internally, to make you feel and look better externally, at your maximum capacity.

Who We Are

Welcome to the Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine.

We specialize in regenerative, functional, and aesthetic medicine, priding ourselves on integrating cellular health internally to aesthetic beauty externally.

Our dedication is to treat problems at their root cause via evidence-based medicine.

Our religion is preventive medicine as the pioneer of health, beauty, and longevity.

Our commitment to patients is to combine lifestyle changes, modern wellness therapies, and ongoing health tailoring to meet the unique demands of each human being.

We offer FDA-approved, cellular-based treatments and employ a preventive mindset, instead of a reactive one, to exponentially increase the well-being and health of our patients.