Regenerative Treatments

Almost everyone experiences the negative symptoms of aging, problems with their sexual health, a hormonal imbalance, or a musculoskeletal injury at some point in life. Often, these issues significantly affect the patient’s life and prevent them from participating in their work and favorite activities. Here at Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine in Miami, FL, we offer a range of regenerative treatments that address such problems.

What Are Regenerative Treatments?

Traditionally, doctors advise their patients to undergo an invasive operation, or they give them a drug or chemical component that is meant to cure them and address their symptoms. But frequently, such treatments come with significant side effects. In fact, many drugs can damage patients’ organs and therefore cause lifelong complications.

Fortunately, there is now a better way. Regenerative medicine supports the patient’s natural healing process by providing them with vital substances that are derived from natural sources, often from the patient’s own body. As a result, there are very few side effects, and the risk of an allergic reaction is minimal.

How They Work 

In the past 20 years, doctors and researchers have worked hard to advance the field of regenerative medicine. Now, health clinics around the world have a wide range of treatments available that can support and speed up the body’s natural healing process. No matter if you’re suffering from a hormonal imbalance, a musculoskeletal injury, the negative effects of aging, or reduced sexual wellbeing, there is a treatment that can help you.

Cellular Therapy 

During cellular therapy, we inject or implant healthy, living cells into your body, which can take the place of diseased cells and therefore repair your injury. The tissue used comes from your own body or from someone else’s. Cellular therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions, including injuries to your spinal cord, skin issues such as burns, osteoarthritis, heart disease, and type 1 diabetes.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones control almost all of our functions because they allow cells throughout our body to communicate with each other. Over time, many people experience problems with their hormonal balance. A change in your hormones can result in unpleasant side effects such as mood swings, loss of immune function, lower libido, and digestion problems.

Hormone replacement therapy can effectively restore the balance in your body, and it is most commonly used to treat people who are experiencing changes as a result of the aging process, for instance, women who are in perimenopause or menopause. BHRT makes use of manmade hormones that are bioidentical, which means that they are chemically identical to the hormones produced by the human body and therefore both safe to use and effective.

IV Infusion Therapy 

While pills and ointments can sometimes be successful, the active ingredients don’t get absorbed very quickly or efficiently. In contrast, IV therapy delivers your medicine or nutrients directly to the blood stream and is, therefore, a much more effective way of treating many illnesses. Within a few hours or even minutes of having your IV treatment, your wellbeing will improve.


Peptides are chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. As you age, your body produces less and less of this essential substance, and you’ll notice unpleasant changes such as sagging and wrinkling skin or a decreasing ability to build up muscles. Fortunately, peptides can be produced synthetically and administered to you at your local clinic.

There are countless peptides in your body, and they all have different functions. The ones most used during treatment are those that produce the proteins collagen and elastin, both of which strengthen and tighten your skin. However, other peptides can be equally beneficial, helping you with muscle growth, weight loss, and more.

PRP Musculoskeletal Injury Treatment

In the past, people who had an injury had to rest for many weeks or even undergo surgery. But nowadays, there are new treatment options available. Platelet-rich plasma is a substance that comes from your own blood. It contains platelets, which are the body’s healing agents. They promote the growth of new, healthy cells and the breakdown of diseased tissue.

PRP can be created at your clinic from your blood and injected into the site of your injury. Over several weeks, the platelets will work hard to regenerate your cells and heal your injury. PRP therapy was first used on professional athletes who wanted to speed up their recovery time, but almost everyone can benefit from it now.

Sexual Wellness Treatments 

The majority of the population experiences a reduction in libido and problems with sexual performance at some point in life. Unfortunately, many patients don’t get treated for these conditions, and their relationship continues to suffer. If you’re worried about your sexual wellbeing, don’t delay visiting your local clinic. Both men and women can be treated with PRP and regain their intimate health.

What Is Treatment Like?

Almost all regenerative medicine treatments are minimally invasive, which means that they don’t require general anesthesia or a lengthy recovery time. When you come to the clinic, your doctor will speak to you about your condition and suggest the methods that are most appropriate. Then, they can explain to you how the treatments will work and what results you can expect.

In most cases, you will need several sessions with your doctor. Each time, you will come to the clinic and receive your hormones, cells, IV, peptides, or PRP. Treatments usually take between 30-60 minutes, and you can resume your normal activities straight away. Your provider can let you know what you should avoid before and after your appointments.

Who Is This Right for? 

Because most of the treatments we use are minimally invasive, they are appropriate for almost anyone who suffers from aging, a disease, or an injury. Patients who can’t participate in elective surgery are often good candidates for regenerative medicine treatments.

However, we must ensure your safety, so we will discuss your medical history and past treatments before suggesting a solution. People who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have an active infection at the site of their injury, or have a severe disease might not be good candidates.

Make Use of Your Body’s Natural Healing Power Now

Regenerative treatments have a number of uses. They can restore your sexual health, speed up the healing process, stop and even reverse the negative effects of aging, and restore your hormonal balance. If you are worried about your health and would like to try a minimally invasive treatment, you should book an initial consultation at your local clinic and find out which treatment is best for you.