Male Chest


This condition results from an excessive accumulation of fatty and/or breast tissue in the male breast. After a careful history and physical examination, patients can be treated with a combination of liposuction and/or direct excision of breast tissue via a small nipple areolar incision. The procedure selected depends on the type and amount of excess tissue present.

What to expect during recovery

  • There may be some slight bruising around the incisions; this will soon disappear. A special scar prevention/lessening medication is begun about two to three weeks following surgery
  • No vigorous activities such as weight lifting, bicycling, running, etc. One can usually progress to these activities about a month or two following the surgery but is dependent on any persistent discomfort or swelling and varies from person to person
  • Pain and discomfort is controlled with prescribed medication
  • The patient is usually able to return to full physical activities within 4-6 weeks