Sexual Wellness and Rejuvenation

Both men and women often find it hard to discuss sexual wellness. But if you’re struggling with your intimate health, you shouldn’t delay getting treatment. A healthy sex life can improve your relationship, increase your self-confidence, and keep you healthy and happy no matter your age. Here at Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine in Miami, FL, we offer three sexual rejuvenation treatments: The O-Shot, the P-Shot, and shockwave therapy. 

What Is Sexual Wellness Treatment?

Sexual health is a big topic for men and women of all ages. While problems like erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and urinary incontinence are less common in younger men and women, almost everyone suffers from them at some stage in life. No matter your age or gender, there are minimally invasive treatments that can help you regain your function and rejuvenate the tissues in your intimate area.

The Orgasm shot, the Priapus shot, and shockwave treatment are all gentle, and they don’t involve ingesting chemicals or undergoing surgery. Because the therapies aren’t invasive and don’t cause severe side-effects, you won’t have to stay at a hospital for observation or take time off your regular activities. In fact, most people go straight back to work after their treatment. Let’s have a closer look at what these methods are and whether they could benefit you.

The O-Shot 

Also called the Orgasm shot, this treatment is ideal for women who are suffering from vaginal dryness, a loss of sensation in their intimate area, pain during sex, and urinary incontinence. The injection makes use of platelet-rich plasma, a substance found in your own body. During your Orgasm shot appointment, your doctor will first draw your blood, then spin it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and the plasma from the other components.

Once the substance is ready, it can be injected straight to the tissues where it is needed the most. Your vaginal area will be numbed with a cream or a local anesthetic, so you won’t feel any pain during treatment. Over several weeks or months, the platelets we’ve delivered to the vagina will work to rejuvenate your tissue. Your body will be encouraged to discard old, diseased cells and to create new, healthy ones.


The P-Shot 

The Priapus shot is very similar to the Orgasm shot, but it is used on men who would like to improve their ability to have and maintain an erection. Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem, and it affects more than half of men over the age of 50. If you’re worried about your ability to perform in the bedroom, you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with your local clinic and find out more about the Priapus shot.

Aside from treating ED, the male sexual health shot can also help men who would like to increase the length or girth of their penis or those who would like to get rid of an excessive curvature. It also relies on the healing power of platelet-rich plasma, which is injected into the erectile tissue and works to rejuvenate the cells. Most men only need one Priapus shot per year, especially if they take good care of themselves by living a healthy lifestyle.

Shockwave Therapy 

Shockwave treatment is mainly used on men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction, but it can also be an appropriate treatment for women suffering from sexual health concerns. During this therapy, a wand-like device is placed near your genitals and moved around the area for approximately 15 minutes. At regular intervals, it emits pulse-like waves that increase blood flow to the vagina or penis. 

The more blood is present in your genitals, the better your body rejuvenates and rebuilds the tissues. By using shockwave treatment, men can effectively improve their chances of achieving and maintaining an erection. The therapy is an excellent option for patients who have tried other approaches and didn’t see good results or for those who don’t want an invasive treatment.

How Does Sexual Rejuvenation Work? 

The Orgasm and the Priapus shot work in very similar ways. The high concentration of platelets we isolate from your blood simulates what happens in your body after an injury. The platelets initiate the natural healing process. But because there isn’t an injury in your intimate area, the tissue is rejuvenated and tightened. As a result, you’ll notice positive changes such as increased sensation, reduced sexual problems, and an easier time controlling your bladder. 

Although these shots are considered minimally invasive, they do involve local anesthesia and an injection. Shockwave treatment is even more gentle because your skin isn’t broken or perforated in the process. All our treatments are performed at the clinic, and you don’t have to stay overnight or take time off your regular activities. In fact, many of our customers come to see us during their lunch break and then go straight back to work.

Who Is This Right for? 

When you come to the clinic, we will begin by discussing your symptoms, what might have caused them, and what treatments you have tried in the past. You should bring a full medical history, so we can determine whether you are a good candidate for the Priapus shot, the Orgasm shot, or shockwave treatment. Because all three methods are minimally invasive, most men and women are eligible for these types of therapies.

Despite the gentle nature of our methods, we want to make sure that they are safe and effective for you. People with a blood disease or a severe condition that affects the healing process shouldn’t take part in PRP-based therapies. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have an active infection, we will ask you to wait. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t come to the clinic and have your initial consultation with one of our top specialists.

Improve your Sexual Health Now 

At some point in life, most people suffer from problems with their sexual wellness. While men often experience erectile dysfunction, women struggle with vaginal dryness or urinary incontinence. Fortunately, there are several minimally invasive sexual rejuvenation therapies that can help patients regain their confidence and function in the bedroom: the O-Shot, the P-Shot, and shockwave therapy. If you’d like to find out more, you should contact your local clinic.