PDO Threads

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, a classic facelift is still one of the most common ways to rejuvenate your appearance with long-lasting results. But the problem with a facelift is that the recovery is extensive and often uncomfortable. Fortunately, at Cell Theory in Miami, FL, there is a good alternative to a facelift called PDO threads, which can produce the same results with less recovery time.

PDO Threads

PDO threads are made with polydioxanone, a unique biodegradable suture that has been used in cardiovascular surgeries for decades. Also called a thread lift, this treatment can mimic the results of a facelift without using invasive, potentially-scarring techniques. For many, using PDO threads to lift and rejuvenate the skin is a much more preferable option.

Overall, you can expect this treatment to take about 45 minutes to complete. Your appointment will be done in our office and will only use a minimally invasive technique with a needle to insert threads into the skin, which will latch onto sub-dermal tissues and lift the skin into a higher, tighter position. The threads themselves will stimulate collagen production and dissolve into the skin over time, which creates natural-looking results.

Types of Threads

All PDO threads are made with the same basic material, but the type of thread can be very different – and can have a great impact on your results. Three types of threads can be used to rejuvenate your appearance, including mono threads, cog threads, and screw threads. The most commonly used threads are mono threads, which have a smooth texture that stimulates collagen production for mild to moderate rejuvenation.

Cog threads are barbed, which helps the sutures latch onto the sub-dermal layers to provide more support and lift for rejuvenation. Screw threads are ideal for moderate to severe age-related concerns, as these threads are made with at least two intertwined threads to help restore volume and hollow areas of the skin, particularly the cheeks. We will recommend the best thread for your treatment based on your desired goals.

Where Are Threads Used?

Most often, this PDO treatment is used on the lower face, the chin area, and the upper neck. This is because these areas of skin tend to be the most obvious in terms of volume loss, meaning the amount of skin laxity on lower areas of the face is often greater or more visible than the mid-face. That said, these threads can be used on the cheeks as well to reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds and hollow cheeks.  

When Will You See Results?

It will likely take some time before you see the results of this treatment. While you may notice some lifting effects immediately after your appointment, it may take several weeks before new collagen in your skin matures and restores the firm texture of your skin. Most people will notice significant results about one month after treatment and these results may continue to improve for the next six months.

How Long Do Results Last?

The results of a thread lift will last for about one to two years for people who have moderate to severe concerns. Younger people who are treating mild age-related concerns may see results for two to four years. The longevity of your results may also depend on the type of threads used for your treatment, how well your skin produces collagen, and how well you can take care of your skin.

As a general rule, your results will last longer when you can maintain and protect collagen production. Using high-quality skincare products and protecting your skin from the sun can go a long way to ensuring your results last for as long as possible. Most people will have a maintenance appointment after 12 to 24 months.

Are Results As Good as a Facelift?

A thread lift can produce results that are very similar to a facelift, and depending on your aesthetic goals, using a PDO treatment can even be preferable for some patients. However, a facelift is designed to achieve dramatic anti-aging results, while this PDO treatment tends to produce noticeable results that are more natural-looking.

Can You Combine Treatments?

Yes. In addition to using threads on multiple areas of the face and neck, you can also combine this treatment with other aesthetic treatments to meet your aesthetic goals. Energy-based treatments to stimulate collagen production, chemical peels for superficial hyperpigmentation, and even dermal fillers can all be combined with this treatment to rejuvenate your appearance.

Who Are Good Candidates?

The best candidates for this treatment are those who have at least moderate volume loss in the midface, lower face, and upper neck. Those who have adequate skin thickness, no history of scarring, and who are not currently pregnant tend to be the best candidates for this treatment. A consultation will be required to assess the condition of your skin to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Try an Alternative Facelift

A classic facelift is still one of the most popular procedures for anti-aging, but if you don’t want to go through the hassle of plastic surgery, you may want to try an alternative treatment like a PDO thread lift. This treatment uses threads that will physically lift and tighten your skin, as well as help your skin produce natural collagen for long-lasting, natural-looking results. The results of this treatment can last for at least two years for most people, or sometimes longer if you take good care of your skin.