Revitalizing HydraFacials Treatments


If you are searching for a way to rejuvenate your skin? A healthy skincare routine can go a long way. However, your skin may need something more to feel completely rejuvenated. There is a brightening facial that can offer a range of benefits. At Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine, we offer HydraFacials for complete facial rejuvenation. Whether your skin is dry or oily, a HydraFacial can help. Your skin will look brighter, clearer, and more even-toned. You can visit us for your HydraFacial in Miami, FL. If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can contact us online or call us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

What is a HydraFacial?

Facials have been around for many years. There are various types of facials offered by day spas. However, a HydraFacial takes non-invasive facials to a new level. It is more than just a simple facial that moisturizes your skin. It can even treat some of your skin concerns. We use Vortex-Fusion technology to carry out three revitalizing steps. In only 30 minutes, we can improve the condition of your skin concerns. We use three steps to target different aspects of your face and provide a complete rejuvenation treatment. 

What Can HydraFacials Be Used For?

In addition to being so effective, HydraFacials can be used to treat a wide range of skin concerns for all skin tones. It offers gentle cleansing and nourishing, so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin. HydraFacials are ideal for patients of all ages and skin types. It can effectively reduce the signs of aging and treat other skin concerns in younger patients. HydraFacials can treat the following skin concerns:

Loose skin

Oily Skin


Wrinkles and fine lines

Dry skin

Uneven skin tone 

Bumpy skin texture

Dull skin

Sun damaged skin


Large pores

How Do HydraFacials Work?

A 30-minute HydraFacial session consists of three steps. Each session will improve the condition of your skin more than the last. Regular sessions will help you achieve great results. Once a month, you can visit us for your HydraFacial treatment and watch as your skin imperfections disappear. The steps we use are as follows:

HydraFacial Cleansing and Peel

During step one, we will cleanse and exfoliate your skin. We use a resurfacing technique for the HydraFacial cleansing stage and use a facial peel to remove the top layer of your skin. This will brighten your face and make your skin glow.

Extract and Hydrate

Now it is time to perform the extractions. Extractions are known to be painful, but HydraFacial extractions are 100% pain-free. With your top layer of skin out of the way, it is possible for us to use HydraFacial suction technology to remove the dirt from your pores. This offers a thorough cleanse for your skin. All the dirt that has clogged up your pores will be removed. For patients with acne, this will provide drastic results. Your skin will look healthier and clearer. This step is relaxing and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about it being painful.

Fuse and Protect

Now that your skin is clean and your pores are open, we can apply moisture and keep it locked into your skin. We use serums that are rich in antioxidants to nourish and moisturize your skin. This step will also relieve and protect your skin after the chemical peel and extraction. Once this step is complete, you can welcome skin with a radiant glow!

HydraFacial Benefits

There are so many non-invasive facials on the market. Why should you use this particular one? What are the HydraFacial benefits? We are here to show you the unique aspects of HydraFacial treatments. 


You don’t have to have a certain skin type or tone to benefit from a HydraFacial. People of all skin tones and ages can enjoy radiant skin. If you have ultra-sensitive skin, this treatment can be modified to accommodate your needs. We will ensure that the treatment is comfortable for you. 

No Post-Treatment Breakouts

Your skin will look better after the HydraFacial than before. Your skin won’t break out or become inflamed after this treatment. We understand that this happens after most facials, but HydraFacials are unique. Each treatment will leave your skin more radiant than the last.

Customized Treatment Plans

Everyone has different skin, which means everyone has a different skin concern. We can customize the HydraFacial treatment to suit your needs and target your skin concern. You won’t have to worry about it drying out your already-dry skin. We will create a treatment that adds more moisture to your face. If you are concerned about acne-prone skin, we will treat your skin to prevent breakouts. This brightening facial will become a priority in your skincare routine.

Long-lasting Results

Most facials offer short-lived results. Your skin will look brighter and clearer for a day or two after your facial and then return to normal. However, HydraFacials offer long-lasting results. You can enjoy radiant skin for up to 6 weeks. Best of all, you will see noticeable results after only one treatment. You can schedule monthly HydraFacials to maintain your facial rejuvenation. 

Experience HydraFacial Benefits

This non-invasive facial will make your skin look better than ever. It offers a deeper cleanse to remove all sorts of impurities stuck in your pores. HydraFacials also seal in moisture and nutrients to keep your skin healthy and clear. At Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine, we customize the treatment to target your skin concern at the source. If you would like to schedule your HydraFacial, contact us online or visit us in Miami, FL.

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