Regenerative Medicine: Natural Healing Treatments


Most people start to notice health problems as they age. You may experience sexual health difficulties, hormone imbalances, and more frequent injuries. These signs of aging can get in the way of enjoying your life. 

But aging doesn’t have to stop you from staying active and pain-free. With regenerative treatments, your body naturally heals itself and rejuvenates your health. 

What Is Regenerative Medicine? 

Regenerative treatments use your body’s healing substances to transform your health. We take platelets and healthy cells from your blood and inject them into your body for healing purposes. Since your body naturally uses these things to heal itself, these treatments do not introduce any artificial substances into your body.

Other regenerative treatments include bioidentical hormone therapy and IV infusion therapy. These treatments restore balance and nourishment to your body without harsh chemicals. All of our regenerative treatments are minimally invasive and well researched. 

Natural Hormone Therapy

Hormone imbalances are some of the most common problems that come with aging. When your hormones are out of sync, your body can’t thrive. You may notice sleep disturbances, sexual problems, and poor moods. Bioidentical hormone therapy is our natural solution to age-related hormone problems. 

Bioidentical hormones have the same chemical makeup as the hormones your body naturally produces. As a result, the symptoms of imbalanced hormones can begin to disappear as you get regular hormone therapy. 

Many aspects of your health can improve with bioidentical hormone replacement. Your immune system, sex drive, and digestive system problems may start to resolve with this safe, natural hormone therapy. 

Nourishing IV Infusions 

IV infusion therapy delivers nutrients or medicine directly to your bloodstream. Supplements, topical creams, pills, and other methods may not be absorbed into your system properly. With therapeutic IV infusions, you get all of the benefits of the nutrients or medication without the guesswork. 

Whether you need extra nutrients to boost your immune system or effective medication infusions, IV therapy can help. You can look forward to overall improvements in your well-being after an infusion as your body receives the nourishing substances it needs to thrive. 

Athletic Recovery

If you do a lot of physical activity, you need your muscles and other tissues to be in top shape. Our Athletes Revenge blend contains essential amino acids for tissue rejuvenation, increased stamina, and better muscular performance. This IV blend will help you recover quickly and get back to optimal athletic performance. 

Immune Boost

Our IV infusion blend for immune health is called The Healer. This blend contains vitamins and minerals that protect your health. Vitamin C and zinc are two examples of essential nutrients that boost your immune system. If you want to stay healthy, fight illness, and feel better, The Healer is the IV treatment for you. 

Beauty Enhancement

For those struggling with visible signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin, the Beauty Bomb IV blend is the solution. This blend contains antioxidants and hydrating substances to improve the appearance of your skin. You will notice more elasticity and smoothness in your skin with regular Beauty Bomb infusions. 

Hangover Recovery

The Hangover Cure IV blend helps you feel better after a long night of drinking alcohol. Formulated with electrolytes and hydrating substances, this blend helps with unpleasant hangover symptoms. If you get headaches, nausea, and fatigue after drinking, try The Hangover Cure to recover. 

Stress Relief

Zen: The Stress and Anxiety Reliever is our IV blend for chronic worriers. If you are going through stressful life events or are generally anxious, this infusion can help you. This blend contains stress-relieving ingredients that calm you down and help you focus. For better mental clarity and relaxation, try the Zen IV blend. 

NAD+ Infusion

NAD+ is a molecule that helps your cells use energy and function properly. When you get older, your body slows down certain processes. With our NAD Infusion IV therapy, you can enjoy a more productive body without unpleasant side effects. This is a general wellness infusion that benefits patients of all ages. 

Healthy Cell Injections

Your body is full of healthy cells that function properly. When a certain area of your body is diseased or injured, it needs those healthy cells to heal. We perform cellular therapy by injecting your own live healthy cells into problem areas of your body. Healthy cells can help heal injuries, diseased tissues, and chronic health problems.  

We offer injections with your own healthy cells or donor cells. Either option will allow your body to heal on its own and start feeling better. The healthy cells will take the place of damaged, diseased cells to help you recover faster. 

Sexual Rejuvenation 

Do you feel like your sex life needs help? Our sexual wellness therapy improves your intimate life with platelet-rich plasma injections. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from your blood and contains healing, therapeutic materials. When injected near your intimate body parts, PRP stimulates sexual rejuvenation and healing. 

Men and women both benefit from PRP injections for sexual wellness. The platelets from your blood will rejuvenate damaged tissues in your intimate areas to give you a more satisfying sex life. PRP injections can help with sexual issues related to vaginal tightness, vaginal dryness, and male performance. 

The Best Regenerative Medicine in Miami, FL

If you live near the bustling city of Miami, FL, come to Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine for regenerative treatments. We help you make the most of your body’s natural healing processes and treat various health problems. Regenerative medicine is a great natural solution over invasive procedures and drugs. 

We are here to help you thrive and perform your best in your daily life. Book an appointment with us for your first regenerative treatments today!

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