What to Expect from Medical Guided Weight Loss


Losing weight is undeniably difficult and only becomes more challenging with age. It’s easy to hit a plateau, as weight loss triggers your metabolism to slow down and your hormones to change, increasing your appetite. These obstacles might make you want to give up before you start. 

However, you don’t need to resign yourself to being overweight. You just need a helping hand. At Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine in Miami, FL, we’ve faced all of the challenges that come with losing weight and know how to overcome them. 

Our comprehensive, guided weight loss program targets the barriers to reaching a healthy weight and works with you to overcome them. Are you ready to discover a weight loss program that really works? Here’s what you can expect from Cell Theory’s weight loss treatment.

What Is Guided Weight Loss?

There are thousands of programs designed to help you lose weight. Unfortunately, information on weight loss is confusing and contradictory. Should you stop eating carbs and increase your protein consumption? Go vegan? Follow a blood type diet? 

At Cell Theory, it’s our job to cut through the noise and create a custom weight loss plan that supports you throughout your journey. We know that seeing results is the best way to stay motivated. So our programs aim to help you drop pounds quickly and safely by following a plan you can stick to. 

We may take a variety of approaches when cultivating your individualized plan. These are some of the weight loss treatments we offer:

  • Dietary guidance
  • Hormone therapy
  • IV infusions
  • Peptides
  • HCG diet
  • Ongoing nutritional consultations
  • Medically supervised diet

Dropping extra weight is only part of guided weight loss. Our program also focuses on the specific challenges that hold you back from living your healthiest life. 

What’s the First Step in Guided Weight Loss?

Cell Theory’s guided weight loss programs begin with an initial consultation where we work with you to identify your specific challenges, triggers, and goals. 

For example, is your biggest obstacle a lack of time to prepare healthy meals? Are all of your social activities centered around eating and drinking? Do you eat when you’re stressed, bored, or tired? 

Understanding your patterns and constraints allows us to find a plan that works for you and your needs. 

Your initial consultation will also include a medical evaluation so we can check your hormone levels, determine the type of diet your body can handle, and review any current medications that may impact your weight. 

This consultation is only the first step in your weight loss journey, but it establishes open communication with you and your weight loss team. 

How Do Cell Theory’s Nutritional Consultations Work?

Cell Theory’s guided weight loss program starts with tracking your current diet and identifying strengths and weaknesses. For example, do you wait too long to eat and then overeat? Or is it hard to see how little snacks add up? 

We want you to understand your choices and how they impact your health. We work with you to find areas where you can make a healthy swap or can better manage your portions. 

Throughout your weight loss journey, we make adjustments to find foods that work for you as we offer personalized dietary guidance.

Why Can’t I Just Count Calories?

Counting calories is an essential aspect of weight loss. However, when you follow Cell Theory’s medically supervised diet plan, you’ll feel the difference between counting calories and eating for fuel. 

Each diet plan developed by our professional team considers your needs and goals. Patients have options that include an HCG diet that kick-starts your slimming into high gear or a more gradual process that eases you into sustainable lifestyle changes.

Our diet plans capitalize on nutritionally dense, filling foods and ensure you’re keeping your body running at its highest level. We carefully craft your customized diet with foods that will keep you from feeling hungry and craving junk so you can sit back and watch your transformation unfold.

How Can Hormone Treatments Affect My Weight?

Hormones serve as messengers in the body, regulating processes like appetite metabolism and body fat distribution. Many patients who are obese have an imbalance in hormones that causes dysfunctional metabolism or excess body fat. 

When certain hormones, such as leptin, insulin, growth hormones, or sex hormones, are either over- or underproduced in the body, you may be more likely to gain weight or less likely to lose weight successfully. The process can form a vicious cycle, with hormones leading to weight gain and obesity leading to hormone imbalances. 

At Cell Theory, your initial consultation includes lab work to analyze your hormone levels to locate imbalances so that we can begin hormone treatments to help you feel better, function better, and reach your goals.

Will IV Infusions and Peptides Help Me Lose Weight?

When paired with a comprehensive weight loss plan, peptides and IV infusions can be a critical tool to help your body achieve its peak performance. 

IV infusions serve many functions. They hydrate the body, boost metabolism and energy levels, provide the nutrients necessary to keep your body functioning properly, use your fuel (food) efficiently, and support your cardiovascular system to use the infused nutrients effectively. 

Peptides support your hormone functions, boost energy, aid workout recovery, improve sleep quality, and even enhance cognitive ability. You’ll feel your best while ridding yourself of excess pounds by pairing IV infusions, peptides, or both with your weight loss plan.

Find the Results You’re Craving with Guided Weight Loss 

At Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine, we want you to feel the difference that comes when your body functions at its highest level. So when you come to us to complete your weight loss journey, we commit to being with you for every step. 

Let us lift the burden of struggling to lose weight. Schedule your consultation at our Miami, FL, office today. 

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