Why Choose IV Therapy over Oral Supplements?


Chances are that you’ve taken vitamin supplements to round out your nutritional needs. Millions of Americans take a vitamin or supplement daily. But while nutritional supplements offer a low-risk method to support a healthy diet, they’re often ineffective, as the body only absorbs a small portion of oral vitamins.

When your body doesn’t have the nutrients necessary to function correctly, you can have trouble concentrating, feel run-down or tired, become irritable, and develop muscle cramps or twitches.  

When you’re feeling “off,” the solution may be as simple as IV infusion therapy at Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine in Miami, FL. Our IV infusions are specially blended to meet your nutritional needs so you can return to feeling your best. 

What Is IV Therapy?

IV therapy at Cell Theory is an individualized solution to nutritional deficiencies. The answer to “What is IV therapy?” is literally right in the name. IV stands for “intravenous,” which means inside the veins. Therapy means a treatment intended to alleviate or heal. So IV therapy is a healing treatment delivered inside the veins. 

IV therapy efficiently supplies your body with the nutrients it needs through vitamin infusions by delivering them straight into your bloodstream. 

As a result, when you choose IV therapy, you’ll feel the difference in completing your nutritional needs. In addition, IV therapy can provide an energy boost, lift brain fog, improve your mood, and offer many other benefits.

Why Is IV Infusion Therapy Better than Supplements?

While IV infusion therapy may feel like a hassle compared to oral supplements, a vitamin infusion offers clear benefits that outweigh any small inconvenience. When you’re trying to decide whether IV therapy is worth the effort, consider the following advantages.

IV Therapy Offers Better Absorption

When you take a pill to supplement your nutritional needs, it must navigate your digestive system’s complexities before it can begin working. Consequently, it needs to maintain integrity through the stomach’s digestive process, where enzymes and gastric acids may break it down before it can be absorbed appropriately. 

Then, a vitamin needs to make it through digestion in the small intestines before it can be absorbed in the large intestine, which primarily absorbs water and minerals. Next, the vitamin’s nutrients need to make it to the liver for processing and undergo the body’s detoxification process before the liver transports it to the blood vessels. 

Such an arduous path offers many opportunities for your vitamin to lose its way; at best, only a portion of its nutrients make their way to the bloodstream. 

In contrast, vitamin infusions skip this process and go straight to the bloodstream, where they can get to work moving from the blood cells to the tissues, then from the tissues to the cells. 

IV Infusion Therapy Is Customized 

While oral supplements offer a one-size-fits-all solution to meeting your nutritional needs, IV therapy provides a custom vitamin infusion. At Cell Theory, we provide our patients with a unique blend based on bloodwork and nutrient analysis. 

Using these tests, we develop a comprehensive view of what your body needs to round out your nutrition levels and optimize your health. 

IV Therapy Addresses Dehydration

When you undergo IV infusion therapy, your individualized blend typically includes saline, a mixture of salt and water that addresses dehydration and provides the body with necessary electrolytes. 

To supply your body with the level of hydration that IV therapy offers, you need to tax your digestive system with more fluids than it can absorb at once. Oftentimes, to process these fluids, the body also flushes out the essential nutrients it needs. 

IV therapy allows your body to skip the digestive system as it absorbs the critical fluids and nutrients it needs. 

Hydration from IV Infusions Flush Toxins 

When the body experiences dehydration, it can lead to constipation and allow toxins to build up in your system, damaging your kidneys and liver. When you boost your hydration with your IV therapy treatment, your body receives an influx of the fluids your organs need to perform. 

The fast hydration infusion flushes your body with the nutrient-filled fluids necessary to help the organs do their job, filtering toxins and eliminating them through the kidneys.

You Can Go Weeks Between IV Infusion Therapy Treatments

While oral supplements should be taken daily to ensure your body begins to benefit from their limited absorption, most healthy patients only require one to two IV infusions a month to keep their body at peak performance. 

Nutrient needs vary by person, and those who frequently engage in high-intensity exercise or who have a condition that affects nutrient absorption, such as celiac disease or cystic fibrosis, may need more frequent treatments. In these cases, vitamin infusions are critical for maintaining nutritional needs. 

IV Therapies Can Address Specific Concerns

At Cell Theory, we offer specially blended nutrient cocktails tailored to meet your immediate needs. Whether you’re looking for a fast fix for a hangover or a beauty booster, we have a vitamin infusion for you. Our IV therapies include the following: 

  • Athletes Revenge IV 
  • The Healer IV
  • Beauty Bomb IV
  • The Hangover Cure IV
  • Zen: Stress and Anxiety Reliever IV
  • NAD Infusion IV

Each of these popular formulations works to restore the nutrients your body needs based on your current concerns. 

Discover How Great Complete Nutrition Feels at Cell Theory

When you’re not meeting your complete nutritional needs, it can affect how you look, feel, and think. Many of our patients go so long with a nutritional deficiency that they don’t even realize how much it affects their overall health. When you address those nutritional needs with IV Therapy at Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine, you’ll be amazed at the improvements in your overall health and well-being. It’s time to feel the benefits of IV therapy and schedule your appointment at our conveniently located Miami, FL, office today.

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