Your Guide to the Juvéderm Line of Dermal Fillers


Have you tried every lip plumper on the market but seen little in terms of results? Are you striving for a more youthful appearance, with plumper cheeks and fewer wrinkles? Dermal fillers like those in the Juvéderm line can help you achieve all of these cosmetic goals and more!

Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine offers Juvéderm dermal fillers for clients looking to enhance their facial appearance. Read on to learn more about some Juvéderm products and how they can help you address age-related changes.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a popular cosmetic treatment that can add volume beneath the skin. Increasing volume under the skin can serve two aesthetic purposes – enhancing certain facial features and reducing signs of aging. 

Dermal fillers use injectable hyaluronic acid to accentuate certain facial features, such as the lips, cheekbones, or jawline. This can create a more sculpted facial appearance with more flattering features. 

This hyaluronic acid can also resolve age-related changes when injected beneath the skin. As you age, hyaluronic acid and collagen naturally decrease within your skin. This causes areas like the cheeks and under the eyes to sag downwards and appear hollow or sullen. 

One of the most commonly used brands of dermal fillers is Juvéderm, which can provide a variety of aesthetic benefits.

What Is Juvéderm?

Juvéderm is a popular brand of dermal filler products. Each product in the Juvéderm line is designed to specifically address a different cosmetic concern. Some fillers can be used to accentuate certain facial features, such as strengthening the jawline or plumping the lips. 

Other Juvéderm fillers can resolve age-related changes, like loss of volume and fine lines.

Products in the Juvéderm XC Line

The Juvéderm line of fillers contains a large selection of products to meet your cosmetic needs. Some of the most commonly used products in the Juvéderm line are part of the “XC” collection. 

These fillers contain a small amount of local anesthetic, which provides optimal comfort when injected deep into the skin. You can learn more about some of the Juvéderm XC fillers and their uses below.

Ultra XC

Juvéderm Ultra XC is a dermal filler that can add fullness to the lips and address wrinkles around the mouth. When injected into the skin surrounding the lips, Ultra XC adds subtle volume, making the skin look smoother and more youthful. If injected into the lips, Ultra XC can create a more plump, full pout.

Voluma XC

Juvéderm Voluma XC is an injectable filler developed to add fullness to the mid-face. The Voluma XC filler is most often used to add volume to hollow cheeks that have lost fullness with age. This can create a more youthful-looking facial appearance.  

Volbella XC

Juvéderm Volbella XC has been specially formulated with an ultra-thin gel so that it can be used in the most delicate of spaces. This makes it a great option for adding fullness to the lips and around the mouth.

Vollure XC

Juvéderm Vollure XC is a dermal filler designed to address nasolabial folds. These are the deep lines and wrinkles that form in the area around the nose and upper lip. Vollure XC adds natural-looking volume that can smooth out nasolabial folds.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Juvéderm Dermal Fillers?

Since there are a wide variety of products in the Juvéderm line, almost anyone could be a good candidate for Juvéderm treatment. 

Older clients are usually interested in Juvéderm products to address signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume. Younger clients often seek Juvéderm treatment to enhance their facial features. They may be looking for fuller lips, stronger cheekbones, or a more pronounced jawline.

Schedule a consultation with a cosmetic medicine provider to determine whether Juvéderm fillers are right for you. We can evaluate your aesthetic concerns and assess which Juvéderm filler will meet your needs. 

Clients who are not a good fit for Juvéderm will be advised on alternative treatments that can produce their desired cosmetic goals.

What Is Juvéderm Treatment Like?

Juvéderm is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. When you receive Juvéderm treatment, you will be able to sit down comfortably and let our providers take care of the rest. 

We’ll begin by marking the areas around the face where injections are being placed. This may include the cheeks, cheekbones, lips, eye area, and around the mouth. 

Once the appropriate marks have been made, your Juvéderm injections will be gently placed beneath the skin. This can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to complete, depending on how many injections are being administered.

When your Juvéderm session is finished, you can return home and resume normal activity. Cosmetic injectables do not require any downtime, and there is no recovery process afterward.

Your Juvéderm results will begin to develop immediately after your session. In the hours following your treatment, you will notice an increase in volume beneath the skin. This volume will continue to develop over the next few days.

Juvéderm injectables do not produce permanent results, but they do last longer than other filler brands on the market. The volume beneath your skin will remain anywhere between six months to one year after your session. Once this filler has completely dissolved, you can have the Juvéderm treatment repeated.

Juvéderm Dermal Fillers at Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine

If you’re interested in Juvéderm injectables, please contact Cell Theory: Institute of Cellular & Aesthetic Medicine. We offer products from the Juvéderm line to help patients reach their cosmetic goals. 

Cell Theory works with clients throughout Miami, FL, and surrounding cities. To find out more, please contact us online or by phone and schedule a consultation with one of our providers.

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